Drayage Services

Drayage services play a vital role in the transportation of goods, specifically in the movement of cargo containers over short distances. It involves the logistical handling of containerized freight from ports, rail yards, or distribution centers to their final destinations or vice versa.

Amity’s own Drayage services focus on the efficient and timely movement of cargo containers between various transportation hubs, warehouses, or distribution centers. They bridge the gap between different modes of transportation, ensuring the smooth flow of goods within a local or regional area.

Key Aspects of Our Drayage Services:

Container Movement: Drayage involves the transport of cargo containers, usually standardized shipping containers, using trucks or other specialized vehicles.

Local Transport: Drayage services primarily operate within a relatively short radius, transporting containers from ports or intermodal terminals to nearby destinations or vice versa.

Our Drayage services offer several advantages, especially in urban areas or regions with multiple transportation hubs:

Efficient Last-Mile Delivery: We facilitate the final leg of transportation, ensuring that cargo containers reach their intended destinations promptly.

Reduced Transit Times: Our Drayage services streamline the movement of containers, reducing transit times and contributing to overall supply chain efficiency.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We efficiently handle local transportation, and drayage services and contribute to cost savings in logistics operations.