Break Bulk and Project Cargo

In the realm of transportation and logistics, "break bulk" and "project cargo" refer to specialized services catering to the movement of oversized, heavy, or uniquely shaped goods that cannot be containerized or transported using standard methods.

Break bulk shipping involves the transportation of individual items or units that are too large, heavy, or irregularly shaped to fit into standard shipping containers. These items are loaded individually onto a vessel or other transport vehicles and secured for safe transit.

Key Aspects of Our Break Bulk Shipping:

Customized Handling: Break bulk cargo requires personalized handling due to its unique nature. This might include machinery parts, large equipment, or even commodities like timber, steel, pipes, or RORO cargos.

Specialized Equipment: Transporting break bulk cargo often necessitates specialized equipment like cranes, forklifts, or other heavy-lift machinery to load and unload these items safely.

Optimized Shipping Routes: Breakbulk shipments may require specific routes or carriers capable of accommodating their size and weight, ensuring safe and efficient delivery.

Project cargo refers to complex shipments that involve multiple components, require intricate planning, and often have stringent time constraints. These can include large-scale construction materials, industrial machinery, or components for infrastructure projects.

Key Aspects of Our Project Cargo Management:

Logistics Planning: Project cargo demands meticulous planning to coordinate the transportation, handling, and delivery of various components within specified timelines.

Risk Mitigation: Given the high value and unique nature of project cargo, risk mitigation strategies are crucial to ensure safe transit and on-time delivery.

Tailored Solutions: Each project cargo movement is unique and requires customized solutions to address specific challenges, such as route planning, permits, and specialized handling.

Amity specializes in breakbulk and project cargo management and offers expertise in handling oversized, heavy, and complex shipments. They provide tailored solutions, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of these specialized goods from origin to destination.